TFW When Your Entire Wardrobe Needs an Update

I've always been an advocate of dressing for an occasion. When in Rome, right?

That said, when I moved to the Hudson Valley in January of this year, I found myself staring down a closet full of city-sleek satin blouses, M-F appropriate skirts, work-day-only heels, and a whole lotta black, all from my days at corporate 9-5s.

Over the last year, since I've been a freelancer and touring nomad, I've accrued my fair share of Everlane tanks and Madewell jeans, but when it came to restructuring my wardrobe, I had a lot of work to do. I live in the country now. I can't waltz into the local farm shop in the kinds of New York City wares I'd previously relied upon.

So I scaled back and had a long hard think about the kinds of clothes that I want to wear in a small country town, but also styles I can pull of when I head into The City, which I do every so often for work (and a little play). I didn't have to think too long: one look in my closet would give me away. Below are the pieces I can't get enough of lately, and if you're anything like me (love to be comfortable, hate tight jeans), then I think you may find a few favorite pieces, too.


For years I've coveted a onesie, but they were most often black, silk, and fashioned for fancy events or special workdays. While in L.A. a few years ago, I stumbled upon the style that would be the ruin of my wallet, and I haven't looked back. Ilana Kohn jumpers, essentially fabric bags with legs, are surprisingly flattering and––unsurprisingly––extremely comfortable. I don't know how she does it, but I don't care. I have three jumpsuits and am enraptured with the new collection.

I also copied my pal Colu and went after a more affordable version, an actual pair of coveralls, that are easily jazzed up with a pair of Rachel Comey mules, some Gucci flats (demonstrated below), or a red lip.

deenie mislock coveralls


This sunshine-fresh, walk-on-the-beach, L.A.-based brand had me hooked with their soft, lightweight fabrics, feminine prints, and flowing, knock-around silhouettes. They're not cheap, so I select carefully, but the few items I've invested in have become my wardrobe staples. I find they are the perfect items for hosting a dinner party or for when I need to look pulled together from day to night.


deenie mislock ilana kohn pants

Whether it's my Re/Dones, my Madewell Straight Legs, or my Ilana Kohn Wide-Leg trousers, I'm all about a high waist these days. With Newbark loafers (pictured) or sneakers, I love pairing these styles with simple, nautical-striped tees, easy cotton tanks, or a button-down knotted at the hem.

I can't vouch for their fit or quality, but you can currently catch this style of wide-leg cotton or linen pant at Madewell or Uniqlo for cheaper than Ilana's.


I was buying Nina Z clogs back in 2008, when she used to set up shop at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, a block away from my apartment. Now Nina has a brick-and-mortar shop on Warren St., the main drag in town, where she sells her signature clogs alongside a beautifully edited and merchandised line of vintage styles.

If it's not a textured caftan, then it's a retro party dress, and I'm always on the hunt for more outrageous vintage finds. Below: a 60's- or 70's-era polyester dress that I wore on my birthday.

deenie mislock vintage