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Athleisure Wear For Busy Fashion People + $10 Off

Athleisure Wear For Busy Fashion People + $10 Off

You may have heard that "athleisure wear" is a thing. Oh, you haven't? Well it is. Yes, this hybrid of workout wear-slash-on-the-go-gear is the kind of look that screams #IWokeUpLikeThis.

I guess you could argue that the marketing of stretchy pants as a suitable out-of-the-house fashion statement all began with lululemon or the re-boom of the fitness craze in America, but even the runways have evolved to include this athletic resurgence. And one set of styles to stand out? The sleek, chic silhouettes from ADAY.

the throw & roll leggings

Call it urban streetwear if you want, but I call it "that really great outfit I can wear to, at, or from the gym and go on with my day like NBD."

See, I believe in dressing the part. And I don't mean that in a "fake it 'til you make it sense," though it can work that way, too, but I genuinely believe that the clothes you wear can influence your mood, change the swagger in your step, and help you lift your head a little higher. It has nothing to do with how much those clothes cost or where they came from--it has everything to do with good fabrics, great silhouettes, and basically--great style.

As a ballet dancer in college, my instructor would make us strip of all our layers save that skin-tight black leotard and blush-pink tights. I didn't get it. I wanted to flit across the studio in my sweats and my oversized tees, pliéing beneath the weight of all my knit and cotton rags.

"Nope," she said. "Because when you are wearing frumpy clothes, you're going to feel frumpy. There's no room for 'frumpy' in ballet." And she's right.

Now I work a day job in which I dress the part everyday--head to toe. It seems like an insignificant gesture, but putting in that extra effort present yourself in a way that makes you feel good--because you know look good--is worth every little step.

Which is why, for me, ADAY solves a crucial problem.
1. When I work out, I like to wear clothes that make me feel good about my body. You know how when you get a new tank or pair of running shoes, you feel rejuvenated for your workout? It's like that.
2. Sometimes, I hang around in those clothes for a while. I might go to brunch, I might stroll city streets and not for nothing--I don't want to look like gross gym slob. Could I just bring a change of clothes? Sure. Do I want to carry around a separate bag of clothes? No. (Ok, yeah, I mean, I'm not going to brunch in a sweat-soaked tank, so nobody freak out.)

The Crash Cause Crop Top, for example, is super chic, and its features include: moisture management, trendy scuba material, breathability, stretch, UV protection, and quick dry. In a way, from a style perspective you could think of ADAY as the Everlane of workout clothes--minimalisteasy to wearpowerfully versatile. They've got my vote.

My dear friend Natalie is an ambassador for ADAY and a kick-ass fitness instructor for The Class. Check her out hereAnd thanks to her, right now, take $10 off your ADAY purchase using code NatLovesBG.

Now go be the envy of the gym.

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