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When Life Hands You a Broadway Tour

When Life Hands You a Broadway Tour

Things are about to change again. But first I'd like to explain.

I've been writing some iteration of Bourbon & Gloss for about six years now. This most recent incarnation was in an attempt to better distill who I want to be as writer, a woman, and an adult--an existential exercise, if you will. One that is free, and purely for fun. This version is more about people, experiences, and topics I just think you, a curious and voracious consumer of the world, might enjoy reading about from me, someone whom I hope you trust to say things about stuff.

I partly took that turn because the blogging industry is 6,000 X different than it was when I started blogging for other brands back in 2007. I don't make a living off of this blog (as in, I don't even come close to it) and if I wanted to do so, it would have to be my full-time job (with a staff to boot). So I decided if I was going to have a personal web presence--other than my professional site--I wanted it to be whatever I wanted it to be.

There is so much bad content out there. Pointless stories crafted by bad writers. I know you see it. It's in every crevice of the Internet, and unfortunately sometimes it's front and center. Now, I'm certainly not claiming to be any sort of Nobel Prize–winning author, but for Pete's sake--if you're going to take up space on the Internet, SAY SOMETHING. Enough with the fluff. Don't you sometimes feel that there's so much useless information on the Web that it could suffocate you? I do.

Which is why I want every blog post, every essay, and every article I write to have some genuine benefit to you: Did you take something away from it? Want to try a new beauty product? Did you think it was funny? Smart? Informative? Did it make you feel something?

I say all this because I believe in the power of transparency, and I just want you to know where I'm coming from and what this blog is all about, because it's about to take somewhat of another left (adjacent) turn. 

For the next 10 months or so, I will be living out of a suitcase and traveling across the U.S.

My husband, a composer and lean, mean guitar-playing machine, was in the cast of Hedwig and The Angry Inch on Broadway for 18 months. It's a rock musical/monologue about a transgender rock star from communist East Berlin. You know, casual Broadway stuff. 

Now he has joined the national tour. Because it didn't make sense to pay rent on a Brooklyn apartment--one that he wouldn't set foot in for a year--we decided to give up our beloved place and that I would join him on tour. Not exactly Almost Famous style, but you get the drift.

This photo was taken almost a year ago at the closing night party for Hedwig on Broadway. I was so happy to have my husband back. 

This photo was taken almost a year ago at the closing night party for Hedwig on Broadway. I was so happy to have my husband back. 

That said, I won't just be writing about New York anymore. I'll be crossing into San Francisco, L.A., Denver, Seattle, D.C., Philly, Toronto, among many others, as well as spending some more time down south with my family. I'm incredibly excited to start collaborating on new projects, writing more of what I want to write, and exploring the vast United States of America.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with this little blog here. There may be long bouts with not content, or they may pop up sporadically. In the meantime, I hope you'll follow me and my writing wherever we go next.

Thanks for reading.

x, deenie


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