Where Do Lost New Yorkers Go?

Like most people, I've changed drastically between the ages of 22 and 33, but there's been one defining characteristic of my identity that has grown so familiar, it's hard to remove from who I use to be: New York City. By June 2016, I'll have lived in NYC for 11 years. In some ways that feels like a blip on the map, but when I think about the ways I've changed, it feels like a lifetime.

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Y'all Collective, a site dedicated to featuring southern-born New Yorkers on what they've kept and left behind, has been kind enough to let me bounce around my conflicting ideas about where one goes after New York, if ever. Read it here.

Thanks to Lindsay Brown, who snapped some shots of me while I hung out with her and Y'all Collective her co-founder Stewart Bean. From Williamsburg, Brooklyn's Kellog's Diner to the Wythe Hotel, we talked about Joan Didion, Mississippi, and the treacherous jaws of this place I--and 8.5 million others--call home.