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What to Pack for Portugal

What to Pack for Portugal

That's correct. I'm going to PORTUGAL, PEOPLE!

So naturally, I'm at the center of an itinerary-prep tornado. No restaurant will go unvetted. No boutique will go unseen! No cobblestone untraversed, no monastery unpraised, and most of all, no woman unprepared.

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Here are some beauty and style travel basics that are getting me inspired for my international escapade.

IMMUNOCOLOGIE Bon Voyage Travel Set

anti-aging skincare travel set

What's awesome about this travel set is that I can stash it in my backpack for a mid-flight restoration or use daily on the other side. These products pack a major punch, i.e. they really work, so you're getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask

I never, repeat, never travel without an eye mask anymore. Not simply for the plane, but because you never know what your sleep situation is going to be like in your home away from home. And because I love killing two birds with one stone, I want an eye mask that has some kind of skin care benefit. Because that's just the world we live in now, y'all. 

This eye mask helps relieve eye fatigue by easing tension and pressure around the eyes with the benefits of activated charcoal. A micro-fine charcoal powder is infused into the organic cotton that lines the back of the mask, helping to relieve fatigue by easing pressure on the eye area, promoting blood circulation, and soothing away tension that can cause headaches. 

Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes

These travel size wipes remove makeup and impurities from face and eyes with a blend of aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E. They are formulated without fragrance, parabens, and petrochemicals, they are biodegradable, and won't irritate eyes or skin. Plus, a portion of every package sold will go to protecting polar bears, now an endangered animal.

MILK Makeup Highlighter

This is one of my most prized makeup possessions. Whether you're all dolled up or going au naturale, this highlighter makes everyone look better. I don't leave home without it.

Katie Kime Tassel Earrings

I'm all for packing light on trips, but not at the sacrifice of style. An easy way to maintain your fashion prowess without packing your entire wardrobe is with a set of statement earrings. I just ordered these bad boys in pink and plan to wear them with everything from basic navy dresses to colorful crop tops and high-waisted skirts.

True & Co. Bralette

true and co lace bralette


Pack a pretty bra! If you pack like me, you don't have the luxury of bringing a coordinating bra for every single style. I solve this issue by bringing beautiful bras in both blush and black. No matter the neckline, the sleeve, or the style, show off a little lace.

The Versatile Dress

Stripes are forever. And they translate, no matter which country/state/city you're headed to. My advice for international travel? If you don't want to stand out like midwestern tourist in Times Square, then choose classic styles to which you can add your own flair (hint: tassel earrings). Dressing in styles that are striped, solid, denim, or simply textured allow you to dress your look up or down with varying accessories.

The Fashion Backpack

fashion travel backpack

This one is pretty simple. Bring a backpack. That looks awesome. Go everywhere. Done.

Here/Now Sneakers

here/now shop pom pom sneakers

Here/Now, the people responsible for the above offensive cuteness, have come out with a new season of stellar summer sneaks. Fashion kicks are perfect for hitting unknown city streets in style. Plus, these shoes are seriously comfortable.

Happy Travels party people!

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