Things I Did In Seattle

As tour progresses, I'm realizing that when I fall in love with a new city, it's usually because that city possesses one or more of the qualities that I love about New York.

I loved Seattle for several reasons, one being that no one gives a f*ck about you. That's a trait I love about NYC. You do you, I do me, have a nice life. Except (in my experience), while Seattleites keep to themselves, they are still quite nice.

We stayed in the Capitol Hill area, which is convenient when you don't have a car. Each day I walked to Sweatbox Yoga to find mental clarity and to purge all 70% of the water in my body. I've taken a lot of hot classes. They are not joking about the heat here. After my first 90-minute Bikram class, I was certain I would die on the mat during Savasana and they'd have to call my family to report my death by sweat.

seattle yoga

On my way to yoga, I passed three of Renee Erickson's restos--Bar Melusine, Bateau, and General Porpoise. These are locales that make you fall in love with more than just food. They beckon you, drawing you in with their smooth white marble countertops, trendy fonts, and neatly arranged lighting fixtures. I popped into General Porpoise for cream-filled donuts on my way home from yoga (as one does) and was alarmed at how good they were. Also, at how incredibly nice and down to earth everyone there seemed. On our final night in town, my husband and I went to Bateau, where we ordered the Chef's Tasting Menu. It was a meat festival of epic proportion, and with impeccable service. 

I attended the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum (running through January 8). It details his early life and inspiration and offers an intimate look at his sketches and his creative process. A highlight of the trip, for sure.

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To cash in our tourist title, we traipsed down to Pike Place Market and went to the Space Needle. We went out to Ballard to see a friend's boat. At Pike Place, we did see the original Starbucks, sure, but my motivation had everything to do wanting to walk along the sidewalk from the "cute butt" scene in Sleepless in Seattle, my all-time favorite film.

In the way of food, I regret that I didn't get to explore the city as much as I'd have liked. But I enjoyed a killer meat and cheese plate and pristine Old Fashioned at Stoneburner, nommed on donuts from Mighty-O Donuts, marveled in the decor at Six Arms, savored local beer at The Elysian, and made a mental note to return to Seattle strictly to revisit The Wandering Goose. It's very hard to find a good biscuit out of the south, but these buttery sammies did the job and then some.

The highlight of my trip, however, may be the purchases I made at Le Frock consignment on Pike St. I've made it a habit to pop into whatever local vintage or consignment shops I happen upon on tour. Between the vintage nightgowns and the jaw-dropping awesome fur coats, Le Frock's stock is varied and unique.

Overall, I think Seattle kicks ass. The people were kind and cool, the food was good, and there is definitely a great sense of individualism in the way people dress. Looking forward to returning to the PNW ASAP.