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NYE Fashion: A Celebration of Powerful Women of the Screen

NYE Fashion: A Celebration of Powerful Women of the Screen

If some of your favorite film and television dames were around today, what would they wear for New Year's Eve? In this stop-motion bit by Vine star Maris Jones and actress/stop-motion creator Lavinia Jones-Wright, I tackle modern fashion iterations of four strong on-screen babes: Eliza of My Fair Lady, Blanche from The Golden Girls, Sandy from Grease, and last but certainly not least, Cookie from Empire.

The Doolittle

If Eliza Doolittle is anything, she is determined. I think if the cockney-girl-turned-high-society were around today, she'd scrap the oversized hat, do away with the layers, and opt for a black-lace look reminiscent of London gothic.

eliza doolittle collage

GET THE LOOK: No doubt new-age Eliza would want to evoke both elegance and an heir of importance. I chose an elaborate but sophisticated Self-Portrait dress paired with flat black boots. It's an ideal solution for feeling unabashedly feminine and undeniably comfortable on the eve of the new year.

deenie hartzog mislock self portrait dress

The Blanche

blance the gold girls collage

Everyone knows that Blanche Devereaux is the most fashionably bold of all the Golden Girls. While she may not be everyone's favorite GG (how to choose?!), she's definitely most prepared for a New Year's fête at a moment's notice.

golden girls gif

GET THE LOOK: A few years ago I was really in to dressing like a middle-aged woman from 1980 and bought a bunch of sequin evening tops. What can I say? They are actually quite versatile. Throw back on New Year's Eve in a vintage top like this one and pair it with either skinny jeans or an outrageous pant like the gold H&M style I wore.

deenie hartzog mislock sequin vintage top

The Sandy

sandy grease collage

The evolution of Sandy Olsen from good girl to bad is surely one of film's hottest and most drastic transformations. If anyone reading this was born after 1990, I'll break it down for you: Sandy, a prim-and-proper lady type, falls in love with popular bad boy Danny Zuko after a summer fling. She's pathetically in love with him. Like, Gross. And Danny's kind of an idiot who doesn't like nice girls. So in the end, she's like, "F you, Danny! Maybe I've been this total fox all along and you couldn't even see it for all the organza!" You could argue that Sandy uprooted her identity to please Danny, but I like to think that Sandy had a fierce inner beast inside her all along. 

GET THE LOOK: Nothing against them, but leather pants have the potential to look more like sausage casing than sexy silhouette on my curvy bod. So for Modern Sandy, I chose a festive velvet peplum top, high-waisted skinny jeans, a bold statement necklace, and a classic black leather jacket. It's a great route on NYE if you're feeling a little rock n' roll. 

deenie hartzog mislock leather jacket dylan lex necklace

The Cookie

cookie lyon empire collage

What. a. boss. Has any female character in modern-day television had so many catch phrases? So many fur accents? So much attitude?! Cookie Lyon knows what she wants and she's stopping at nothing to get it. I don't know if I've been so enamored by a television character since Walter White.

GET THE LOOK: There's no need to modernize Cookie, so I just opted for a couple of two-toned styles--the sequin dress and fur jacket--and added a trend-right fur pom. Let's be real, every day is New Year's Eve for Cookie.

deenie hartzog mislock fur coat sequin mini dress
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