6 TSA-Approved Beauty Products For Easy Travel

Culling the best beauty products to stash in a carry-on is not for the faint of heart. But when I gave up my apartment, put my things in storage, and agreed to leave New York City and live out of a suitcase for 10 months while traveling the country, I knew I’d have to pare down the trove I consider my everyday beauty essentials.

Packing beauty favorites for a trip can be difficult for anyone, but I am the type of woman who delegates specific cleansers, moisturizers, and oils for morning and nighttime. I use a variety of eye creams for different times of the day. I’ve never fallen asleep without washing and moisturizing my face. Ever.


So I re-assessed, re-packed, and purged, consolidating my beauty routine and developing a new travel strategy. The criteria? Each beauty item must be no larger than 3.4 oz. and it must be useful all day, every day, for a multitude of occasions—whether I’m flying across the country or need a touch-up on the go. Remarkably, it takes little preparation (and only a handful of items) to land at your destination looking bright eyed and ready—if only in appearance—to tackle a new city. 

1. The Glow Getter

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden-Glow Booster, $27.77, Amazon

This natural-looking bronzing serum can be mixed with any moisturizer to provide a radiant, sun-kissed glow. At only 0.5 oz., it fits into the corners of your dopp kit and can be used year round. (Fool them into thinking you went to the beach.)

2. The Color Kicker

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek, $25, Amazon

Whether you’re a voracious traveler or live life on the go, this lip and cheek stain is perfect for adding a last-minute pop of color to your look. Sometimes I even smudge a bit on my eyelids for a dewy twist on eye shadow.

3. The Brow How

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, $26.48, Amazon

Few beauty products spell “put together” like a coiffed brow. This slightly tinted, easy-to-maneuver gel helps brows stay in place while you explore uncharted territory.

4. The Lash Lifter

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler, $9.99, Amazon

I don’t wear mascara when I travel for fear of reaching eye-rub status before my plane touches the tarmac. Curling lashes—especially without mascara—can brighten your entire face in an instant. I keep a curler in my purse for when my droopy eyes need an extra lift.

5. The Hair Saver

ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray, $22, Space NK

We all know that dry shampoo is a lifesaver, but this travel-sized spray does double duty. Part dry shampoo, part texturizer, it can be used on clean or dirty hair to achieve a look that says, “I just woke up like this. No, really.”

6. The Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Immunocologie Travel Set, $145, Immunocologie.com

Make it count. That's how I feel every time I use Immunocologie products. A unique, powerful delivery system deposits the formula layers-deep to help transform skin, quite literally, from the inside out.

Their Super 7 Elixir Serum, made with snail mucin, is one of my all-time favorite serums because my skin is visibly brighter, smoother, and softer after each use. No joke. I think it may be one of the most transformative products on the market. The Essentials Travel set includes this product as well as the Cleansing Lotion and Exfoliating Lotion.

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