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Spa Review: An Intimate Escape On Fifth Avenue

Spa Review: An Intimate Escape On Fifth Avenue

I am a spa gurl. I use the "u" in "girl" because I need you to understand how real I am about spas. Not only have I stripped to the buff in my fair share of spas, but I am, in general, an expert on relaxation reconnaissance. I believe that there is a time and a place to relax, and there is way to do it correctly. That way is at Nuansa Spa.

A few blocks from Rockefeller Center and just south of Saks Fifth Avenue, nestled between American Girl Place and Sunglass Hut, Nuansa offers a haven for businesspeople, tourists, and neighborhood residents alike. The boutique spa refers to itself as an Urban Escape. I couldn't imagine a title more fitting. I didn't simply feel like I'd "gotten away," I felt as though I'd been transported.

I caught up with owners Randolph and Nuanchawee, and it was clear that Nuanchawee had a very distinct vision from the start. She'd owned her own spa in Thailand years ago, and was looking to bring that same attention to detail, luxury aesthetic, and warm, welcoming atmosphere to her new project.

The modus operandi of this place is: Relax, Relax, Relax. From the moment the elevator opens on the 5th floor, you are keenly aware that this is a space in which you ought to forget whatever it was you were just looking at on your phone. The lighting is dim, the music is soft, and a young lady waits to greet you as the doors part. Immediately I was given slippers, water, and a hand towel.

The place isn't terribly large and the locker room is intimate, so it would not be ideal for big, rowdy parties. Nuansa is perfect for a solo zen retreat, a couple's massage, or a girlfriend spa day.

I went in for the Thermal Infusing Facial--90 mins @ $250 and worth every single penny. This treatment nourishes, cleanses, purifies, tones, and hydrates skin as it restores elasticity and radiance using a thermal mask from chemical-free beauty brand Sodashi. This mask is painted on (so claustrophobes, head's up) and left to harden, only to be lifted off in a ceremonial fashion reminiscent of a Marvel Comics film.

But while the mask hardens and the vitamins seep into your pores, you're not left to dwindle your freshly oiled hands. Estella, my aesthetician, spent almost as much time massaging my neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, calves and feet as she did working on my facial. I was not left unattended for a moment and no detail was too small to address. She was thorough and consistent--two characteristics often overlooked at spa chains.

The spa also offers Thai massage, scrubs, and treatments tailed to men.


By the end of my time at Nuansa, I felt truly rejuvenated and had the skin to show it.

SPECIAL OFFER! Receive 15% off your first Nuansa treatment at Nuansa Spa from now until December 31, 2015, with code: NUANSABNG.

Call or email to book: relax@nuansaspa.com or 212.602.1500.

Enjoy! xo

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