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Five Uses For Aquaphor That You Don't Even Know

Five Uses For Aquaphor That You Don't Even Know

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Forget whatever you think you know about Aquaphor. This is not your grandma's Vaseline. This moisturizing, non-irritating, fragrance-free skin protectant deserves a place in every woman's beauty routine.

I have a jar of Aquaphor on my night stand. I have a tube in my purse. I have small size in my travel bag. Quite frankly, I don't leave my house without Aquaphor within reach. It began years ago, when I took Accutane in High School. Yes...you thought this angel soft, crystal-clear complexion was natural? HAHAHAHA! Folly! But really, I used it to protect my dry lips--a habit that never left me.

With Aquaphor around all this time, you better believe I figured out a way to make this slick petroleum sister a multi-functional cosmetic cure-all. One thing to know is that most of the moisturizers and cosmetics you use contain glycerin (as does Aquaphor). Glycerin doesn't so much moisturize in it's own right, but does more like trap moisture in the skin. That's only one reason why Aquaphor gets superhero status in my cosmetics bag. See how I use the balmy beauty:

1. Eye Makeup Remover.

For years, all the women in my family (myself included) have been removing their mascara with petroleum jelly. I'm sure someone will have something to say about how it clogs your tear ducts or stunts the growth of your eyelashes or something. But the women in my family look damn good, and we're all crying just fine.

2. Under-Eye Moisturizer.

In a fix, I dab a bit of Aquaphor around the delicate part of my eyes. It's a similar benefit of removing your eye makeup with Aquaphor, but it's better than nothing and a thin layer keeps my under eyes moisturized, not to mention dewy, while I snooze.

3. Heel Moisturizer.

I don't mean moisturizer for the bottom of your cracked heels--I mean for those times that you wear that adorable pair of Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff loafers that you love, except when they rub the skin off the back of your foot... You're not supposed to use Aquaphor on full-on wounds or bites, but on a little worn-out skin won't hurt.

4. Cuticle Cream.

Ok, it's not a "cream," but if your cuties are cracked, dry, or splitting--and you just don't have the time/money/patience/energy for a manicure, rub a touch of Aquaphor into each cuticle and around the nail bed. It will at least hold you over until you're mani-bound.

5. Elbow Grease.

Maybe that was too literal...but what I'm saying is that Aquaphor's sole purpose is to relieve dry, cracked skin. It is especially handy during the changing of the seasons, when our skin gets put through the climate ringer.

None of this is to say that I don't still love a good under-eye cream, hand lotion, or manicure. But if you're into DIY, and you're looking for a fix, Aquaphor's gentle, dermatologist-recommended formula could be the secret beauty ingredient you've been missing.

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