Hi. I'm Deenie.

                                              photo credit: Amelia Tubb

As you may have seen on the homepage, I'm a writer of many facets. This is my recently relaunched blog, Bourbon & Gloss, where I write about people, beauty, style, and general life things. 

A little background on me: I'm from Mississippi. Yeah, I know; you probably don't know anyone from Mississippi, do you? Well now you do. I went to school in Alabama, and then I moved to New York City to pursue a career as a professional dancer. Long story short, I became a writer. Specifically a beauty writer. Then I found my way into the fashion-sphere and now I work as an advertising copy director at a fashion magazine. I spend the rest of my time banging my head against walls trying to write essays. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and I eat a lot of pizza.

If you'd like to collaborate on a beauty, fashion, or lifestyle project related to Bourbon & Gloss, shoot me a line at bourbonandgloss (at) gmail.com. 

Thanks for reading!