Go Nude. I Dare You.

I’ve been on a nail polish kick lately.

It’s funny how that happens. I can sometimes go weeks with bare nails. I try not to let them go completely unkempt, but when one is busy, well, it occasionally cannot be helped. Then oneday, I’ll find the time to belly up to the nail counter at Primp and Polish and land a gloriously lacquered manicure. And then I can’t stop for months.

The way I see it, with great brows and a manicure, you’ve always got just the right amount of polish, no matter what you’re wearing or how disheveled your hair may be.

I’m all about an at-home manicure, so when time doesn’t afford me adorable nail art or a pristine shellac, I like to go nude. It’s practically foolproof and keeps busy hands looking neat and clean. A few of my favorite shades…

Ump the ante on your pale pink with this almost–but-not-quite coral-y shade.

candy darlingNARS Candy Darling
If pale pink isn’t really your thing, opt for a more neutral shade.

priti sweet pea stella mccartney
Priti Sweet Pea

Designed for Stella McCartney, this barely there pink is a semi-sheer light powder pink.

chanel frisson
Chanel Frisson

The mother of all classy nail colors makes this delightful shade, perfect for everyday wear.

butter londonButter London Hen Party
This sheer, opal nail lacquer can be used as overcoat or on its own.

Essie Prima Ballerina

This shade of nude doesn’t look best on all skin tones, but I appreciate it’s name-appropriate likeness in color to pointe shoes.



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  1. Jamie says:

    Nude nails are so chic. I especially love the Chanel one!

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