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Prime Time: More-Than-Makeup Products for a Flawless Face

Today there is no excuse to be ignorant about Photoshop. There have been enough “cover-page scandals” and uproar over who was or wasn’t Photoshopped that everyone–at this point–should be aware that it’s just part of the biz. OF COURSE EVERY COVER PAGE IS PHOTOSHOPPED. If anyone ever believed that every … Continue reading

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Sponsored Post: How I #WinTheDay Every Day with Clearasil

Remember Clearasil? I know–well, they haven’t gone anywhere since we were in high school. Be it my lack of drugstore-isle scouring or my wild dedication to some other particulars, I just haven’t tried their products in…oh 10 years? Well, lucky for me, Clearasil dropped some goodies in the mail for me. … Continue reading

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Recently, I’ve been forced to learn a lot about paper. As you may have seen on my social media (or here), I’m getting married in September. Weeee. Now, I’m Southern, so I don’t want it to seem like knew nothing about paper invitations previously. But despite the 11 weddings I’ve BEEN … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Nail Art With The Gwen Stefani OPI App

Ok, inner 90s pop-rock goddesses. Hold on to your Harajuku Girls because not only did Gwen Stefani team up with OPI for a collab, but there’s an app that allows you to create your own nail art using the hues in Gwen’s collection. Needing a little creative inspiration on those … Continue reading

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Daphne Tee_On Model Tie Dye

Line Dry Is The Day-To-Day Summer Dream You’ve Been Waiting For

Can you believe I just said the word “summer“? Nevermind that it’s currently only 20 degrees in New York, so “summer” is clearly a distant memory. But it’s sort of like that saying, “If you don’t laugh about your problems, then you’ll break down in tears.” Well, if I don’t … Continue reading

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candy darling

Go Nude. I Dare You.

I’ve been on a nail polish kick lately. It’s funny how that happens. I can sometimes go weeks with bare nails. I try not to let them go completely unkempt, but when one is busy, well, it occasionally cannot be helped. Then oneday, I’ll find the time to belly up … Continue reading

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valentines day what to wear

Snow-Appropriate Style For Valentine’s Day

If you’re anywhere on the East Coast then you’re either 1.) delighted by all the snow you’re receiving (North Carolina) or 2.) You’re SO OVER IT (New York). Either way, tonight is yet another occasion to celebrate or revolt against Valentine’s Day, which means potentially leaving the house. Whether you’re attending … Continue reading

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How to Creepily Love Ryan Gosling From Afar

What began as the discovery of a Ryan Gosling body pillow turned into a Gosling frenzy last week. And now I have this Etsy gem on my desk. gosling pizza So lifelike, no? A not-so-secret fact about me: I am more passionate about pizza than I am about politics and … Continue reading

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catbird valentines

The Catbird Valentines Gift Guide Cheat Sheet

During #14DaysofLove here on Bourbon & Gloss, I already touched upon the amazing gifts at Anthropologie. Getting a little more local, today’s feature is on Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Catbird boutique. Shop locally if you’re in town (though beware–it’s a tiny shop), or shop online. This place features cute, quirky, and thought-provoking … Continue reading

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valentines day gifts

The Anthropologie Valentine’s Gift Cheat Sheet

Since discovering how one puts together a wedding registry, I have been spending an abnormal amount of time browsing the ‘house & home‘ section on My heart is going OUT to the “books & gifts” section. Now, these aren’t exactly gifts that one registers for, but they are prime gifts … Continue reading

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